Browns Week 7 studs and duds: Late mistakes dampen strong effort

Browns, Jacoby Brissett. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Browns, Jacoby Brissett. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /
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The Cleveland Browns suffered yet another defeat as the Ravens knocked them off 23-20. Here, we look back at the game and identify a few studs and duds.

It was another loss in Week 7 for the Cleveland Browns as they fell to 2-5 on the season. The Baltimore Ravens held on with a 23-20 lead and while Cleveland had some opportunities to pull it out in the end, they were unable to thanks in large part to some untimely penalties.

Here, we look back at their fourth loss in a row and identify who stood out as both studs and duds in the loss.

Browns Studs and duds week 7

Browns, Jacoby Brissett. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

Stud: Jacoby Brissett, Quarterback

Baltimore was dedicated to stopping the run and Jacoby Brissett made sure they paid for that. He started out strong as he was 12-of-14 for 165 yards in the first half while Nick Chubb had just 20 yards on seven carries.

The fact that he was hitting his throws helped the running back in the second half as Chubb had 71 yards in the final two quarters. As for Brissett, he finished 22-of-27 with 258 yards and should have had a potential game-winning touchdown had it not been for a weak offensive pass interference call. It was possibly his best game of the season and gave them a shot against a divisional rival.

Dud: Special Teams

The blocked field goal will get the headlines but that wasn’t the only time Cleveland’s special teams were far from special on Sunday. Punter Corey Bojorquez continued to show off his strong leg but in the second quarter, he outkicked his coverage when he booted it 59 yards from his own eight-yard line.

That allowed Devin Duvernay to allow his blockers to set him up for a 46 yards return, giving Baltimore the ball on the 21. They moved just five yards but still managed to make it a 10-6 game since they were in range for a kick from the beginning.

Cleveland would have been in better shape with a shorter kick that forced a fair catch than booting it that deep and allowing a return.