Browns asking price for Kareem Hunt is a bit surprising

Browns, Kareem Hunt. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Browns, Kareem Hunt. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports /

Kareem Hunt is on the trading block and apparently, the Cleveland Browns would be willing to part with him for a mere fourth-round pick

Before the season began, Kareem Hunt made it clear that he wanted to remain with the Cleveland Browns for the long haul as he was eyeing an extension with his hometown team. When it was clear the front office didn’t share his feelings, Hunt asked to be dealt elsewhere.

Cleveland, however, wanted no part in trading him at the time. That has since changed, thanks in large part to a 2-5 start to the season, as the former NFL rushing champion is now being shopped, but the asking price is apparently much lower than expected. According to Jeremy Fowler, the Browns are reportedly seeking a fourth-round pick for Hunt, which feels like a steal considering the level of talent he would offer to a new team.

Having said that, it’s hard to gauge the value of a running back. For example, the New York Jets — who were believed to be interested in Hunt — just added James Robinson from Jacksonville for a mere sixth-round pick that could elevate to a fifth-rounder.

There was also the blockbuster trade for Christian McCaffrey recently, as he went to the 49ers and the Panthers received a second, third, and fourth-round selection in the upcoming draft as well as a fifth-rounder in 2024.

Clearly, Hunt wouldn’t bring a haul similar to the one McCaffrey got but he should net significantly more than Robinson. And to make it more confusing, Cleveland actually got a third-round pick for Duke Johnson back in 2019 when they signed Hunt. To know they would get less for Hunt than Johnson is where the real head-scratching comes in.

In the end, it would probably make more sense to see what they can do this season with Hunt and bank on a comp pick down the road, which could be similar to what the current asking price is.