Cleveland Browns: Predicting the outcome of the final 9 games

Cleveland Browns, Myles Garrett. Mandatory Credit: David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports
Cleveland Browns, Myles Garrett. Mandatory Credit: David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports /
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Browns, Nick Chubb. Mandatory Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports /

Week 17 – At Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders are a tricky one, they at times have looked terrible, but they have also beaten some good teams through the first eight weeks of the season. This is a tough matchup for the Browns as the Commanders’ defensive line is as good as any in the NFL when it comes to rushing the passer and stopping the run.

While Nick Chubb could be neutralized, this is when your star quarterback must show up. I’m afraid this is a game where the magic could end and the Browns lose a heartbreaker in Washington D.C leaving the team at 9-7 and likely needing help to clinch a playoff spot.

Week 18 – At Pittsburgh Steelers

For years it felt like the Cleveland Browns ended their season at Pittsburgh and it usually was against their second teamers as they had already clinched a playoff spot. I’m embarrassed to admit how many of those games the Browns still lost.

Even though the Browns will likely need the Bengals to beat the Ravens this same week to secure a divisional title, that’s a definite possibility and could make this game a monumental moment for the organization.

The Steelers still have a few great pieces, but this team just isn’t the same anymore.  Look for the Browns to handle their business and be cheering loudly for the Bengals to help them secure their first-ever AFC North division title. Considering how the start of this season went, a 10-7 record going 5-1 in the division would be quite the feat.

Cleveland Browns Record: 10-7