Cleveland Browns: 5 bold predictions against Miami in Week 10

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No. 4 – Jacoby Brissett continues strong play

Coming into the season many didn’t know what to expect from Jacoby Brissett. He had been a starter for two different teams, but none with as talented of an offense as the Cleveland Browns. He hasn’t been earth-shattering, but he also has not been the reason the Browns have lost games.

Through eight games he has thrown for 1,862 yards, seven touchdowns, and six interceptions. Yes, he has missed a throw here and there, but he has also made a lot of quick decisions that have kept the Browns offense moving. Two of those six interceptions have been near the end of the game when he is trying to force the ball downfield.

I don’t expect things to be any different on Sunday. The Miami defense has been good, but nothing spectacular. I think Cleveland will have some early success on the ground which will really open up the play-action passing game where Brissett has really thrived.

If Kevin Stefanski can call a game where Brissett throws the ball 30 times or less and can rack up 250 yards and a touchdown or two, this team has a great chance of winning. With Bradley Chubb recently added to the roster, protection will be key. If the offensive line can give him some time early to get in a rhythm, Brissett could have a fantastic game once again.