3 problems with Kevin Stefanski as the head coach of the Browns

Kevin Stefanski. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Kevin Stefanski. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports /
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Problem No. 2: All bark, no bite

Every week Stefanski argues that the team has to “own” this latest loss and move on to the next game and get better. The problem is that these players are not owning the losses like he’s preaching — and that’s a problem. Somewhere along the lines of communication, that message isn’t being received by the players. This is all very concerning moving forward as Stefanski tries to keep his head above water.

Stefanski usually blames himself first and tries to take accountability when his team is playing lousy. It’s one thing to talk about taking accountability and it’s another thing to actually do that. While Stefanski is probably doing everything he knows how to fix the problems it has to be a mutual thing with his team, and they don’t seem to be on the same page. His players are not taking ownership and the team is seemingly stuck in this rut.

It’s respectful that Stefanski is trying to protect his team and his players when he puts blame on himself, but when the players don’t respect the coach enough — and it’s not reciprocated back in their production on the field — the team as a whole has a problem. This is where we are now with the Browns in 2022. There had been hope when Stefanski first came to Cleveland that he would have years of success, especially after that 2020 season.

Now everyone is waiting for Deshaun Watson to return thinking that it’s going to turn the tide. The assumption is that Stefanski is buying more time as we wait on the return of the quarterback. In the meantime, the team continues to lose while we all wait.

There must be some type of timeline for Stefanski on his stay in Cleveland as we move forward. If the Browns lose even more as the season wears on, that can’t sit well with the front office. Can Stefanski get to the finish line of the season and reclaim some respect? Only time will tell.