Did Myles Garrett take another shot at the coaches?

Browns, Myles Garrett. (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)
Browns, Myles Garrett. (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images) /

Following their loss to the Miami Dolphins, Myles Garrett made some interesting comments and one could have been about the coaches and preparation

It’s never a good sign when players call out their coaches publicly and the Cleveland Browns had that happen last season when they lost to the New England Patriots. After the beating, Myles Garrett was quick to say the coaches failed the team by not making proper adjustments.

While he was surely correct, there’s a time and place for that conversation — and it’s not in front of press cameras.

Now in their loss to the Miami Dolphins, Garrett again made an interesting comment saying it “doesn’t matter if you’re ready to run through a wall if it’s in the wrong direction.”

Brandon Little of Browns Digest wondered if this was a veiled shot at the coaching staff, perhaps suggesting they didn’t properly prepare the team for their opponent. If so, that’s a sentiment shared by many but it’s not entirely true.

Sure, there wasn’t much about Cleveland’s game plan that stood out as brilliant but coaching wasn’t the reason the defensive line was blown off the line of scrimmage by seven yards every play. It’s also not coaching that led to the Miami defensive line bullying a usually stout Cleveland offensive line.

If Myles Garrett is blaming coaching, he missed the point

With that being said, Garrett’s comments missed the mark, if indeed he was talking about coaching. For example, he uses the phrase “run through a wall” to describe the effort on Sunday but that was far from what was seen on the field.

Instead, it was a team being pushed around by a bigger and stronger — and more talented — squad. That happens in the NFL. What shouldn’t happen is finger-pointing afterward and sadly, that’s become the norm in Cleveland.

Denzel Ward and John Johnson were guilty of this earlier in the season. Garrett was also upset when Baker Mayfield once said hitting a guy in the head with a helmet was wrong, which makes his knack for pointing out others’ shortcomings even more baffling.

Again, these are all the leaders for this team. They’re the ones who should keep the issues in-house rather than in the media. That’s something that needs to be fixed because showing a united front is always a good move when building a cohesive team.