Latest cryptic Myles Garrett comment makes valid point

Cleveland Browns, Myles Garrett. Mandatory Credit: David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports
Cleveland Browns, Myles Garrett. Mandatory Credit: David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports /
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Cleveland Browns, Myles Garrett
Jadeveon Clowney (90) Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports /

It’s all in pieces

Credit should be given when it is earned. Jadeveon Clowney is an absolute beast against the run. Hopefully, Garrett has taken some notes from watching the master run defender in action. Now that proper credit is given . . .

The Browns defense was built for one purpose, to stop the pass. It seems little mental energy has been allocated to stopping the run. It is like the Browns are out there playing 7-on-7 defense. The defensive backs and linebackers are schematically linked (even if they don’t always execute) into a coherent whole.

After watching game film, the defense’s problem seems to be that the defensive line is totally disconnected schematically from the rest of the defense.

The defensive line plays a gap-control scheme. That is, each defender is responsible for one gap. The point seems to be to penetrate that gap and get into the backfield to disrupt plays. This is a typical defense in the NFL.

But such a scheme usually takes into account the role of the linebackers. Both defensive linemen and linebackers have assigned gaps to control. Such gaps are coordinated between the defensive line and linebackers so all the gaps are covered. When players fill those gaps, that’s known as a run fit.

The problem is that the defensive line gap control is not coordinated with the linebackers’ gap control because, it seems after watching the film, that the linebackers are playing the pass first, run second.

In fact, it seems the defensive line is playing pass first, run second (if at all). That is, in every play the defensive line attacks their gap as if they are rushing the passer. If the play happens to be a run, they will try to disrupt the play in the backfield.

They are playing the run on the way to the quarterback. So, what then do the Browns actually have in terms of a run defense?