3 defensive coordinator candidates to replace Browns Joe Woods

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No. 2: Vic Fangio

Strong leadership and a good resume are the exact criteria the team should be using to select their next defensive coordinator and that’s what Vic Fangio brings. Fangio has over 20 years of coaching experience in the NFL including three years as the head coach of the Denver Broncos.

Just like Mike Zimmer, Fangio is one of the most respected coaches in the league and could really inspire some of the young talents on the roster. Even in the season that got Fangio fired as the head coach of the Broncos his team was third in the NFL in points allowed.

In seven of his last ten seasons as a coach, his teams were top 10 in points allowed defensively a track record the Browns would love to have on their team. Fangio is aggressive and really tries to light a fire under his players which is something fans have wanted to see from Joe Woods for the past three seasons.

One of the biggest questions when looking at coordinators is rather the Browns will keep head coach Kevin Stefanski or if they find a former head coach to help Stefanski overall. Only time will tell but the Browns must change something in the offseason if they want to compete.