3 defensive coordinator candidates to replace Browns Joe Woods

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No. 1: Brian Flores

The Cleveland Browns should call Brian Flores and offer him whatever it will take to get him in brown and orange next season. Players consistently praise Flores and how much they enjoy playing for him which is the polar opposite of what they currently have.

In a season in which everyone thought the Dolphins were tanking it was clear Flores wasn’t. When many believed there was a lack of talent on the team Flores consistently put them in a position to succeed and won games no one thought they could. He is both a motivator as well as a great defensive mind when it comes to scheme and play-calling.

If you want to see one of the biggest reasons to like Flores look at the Dolphin’s defense this season with Flores gone. They are a lot of the same players but not ranked or playing nearly as well as they did under Flores. Plainly put Flores puts his players in the best position to make plays week in and week out.

The Pittsburgh Steelers may not give the Browns the chance to lure Flores away but if they do it would be a homerun hire if the Browns could make it happen.

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