4 Cleveland Browns who have offered almost nothing in 2022

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Cleveland Browns. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports /
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Player No. 1 – Denzel Ward

After receiving a massive five-year, $100.5 million extension last offseason, Denzel Ward continues to be missing on this defense in 2023. Not only has he struggled to stay on the field (not shocking), but his play has not been top-tier when he has played.

There is no doubt the back half of the 2022 season earned Ward the massive extension, but I was one who was slightly doubting the decision to go all in. I know he played well last year, but injuries and inconsistencies have always been in question.

Perhaps the most disappointing thing in 2022 is the finger-pointing we have seen from Ward.

When miscommunication was so bad in the early season and constant big plays were given up by this secondary you never saw Ward own anything. In fact, he doubled down a few times and listed his stats to reporters, and claimed he was in his correct zone.

When you are the highest-paid player at a position, you must take some accountability. I think Ward has the potential to be a fantastic player but lacks leadership skills which this team desperately needs.

With Berry fully committed to Ward with his contract, we need to see an increase in production, or this defense will struggle. With all the money he has tied up, it will be tough to improve the secondary if he continues to struggle.