How much will Deshaun Watson fix for Cleveland Browns

Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has been suspended 11 games.Syndication Florida Times Union
Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has been suspended 11 games.Syndication Florida Times Union /

With the Cleveland Browns season at a disappointing 3-7 fans have begun to ask the question how much of the struggles does Deshaun Watson fix?

The Cleveland Browns have many questions they need to answer about the overall future and direction of the team. Some are suggesting that even with franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson on the field it won’t change that much. Let’s take a look at exactly how much the quarterback could actually change with the current roster.

Quarterback Jacoby Brissett has been everything the team could have asked him to be and then some while starting for Watson. Despite this, Watson still takes the team to a whole other level and likely would have secured a couple more wins than Brissett.

Brissett so far has a career-best completion percentage of 64.4 compared to Watsons last season when he completed 70.2 and a career 67.8 mark. Also compare yards per attempt, Brissett this season has 7.2 yards per attempt to Watson’s 8.3 per attempt over his career. Brissett has been good but Watson is elite and elevates all those around him.

When you watch the Browns’ offense this year you notice they have no margin for error, if they have negative yardage plays or penalties they struggle to recover from them. Watson is a creator so even when things break down he has the ability to make something happen which Brissett doesn’t have.

Watson makes everyone else’s job easier on the offense including the play caller, elevating everyone around him. This will also help the defense by giving them a higher margin for error as well. The Browns’ defense in 2020 struggled but because the offense was so effective and scoring in bunches it resulted in a playoff appearance.

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No one player takes a team from worst to first without talent elsewhere on the team but there is a reason the Browns sold the farm for Watson and his impact will be huge on the field.