Top Cleveland Browns players to invite to Thanksgiving dinner

Browns offense huddles. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
Browns offense huddles. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /

If you had the chance to invite the Cleveland Browns to Thanksgiving dinner, who would you want to bring to the grand feast? Here are three Browns I’d invite!

The Cleveland Browns are going through another disappointing campaign to this point but we have Thanksgiving Day to look forward to and I started to wonder which Browns I’d love to invite to dinner on this holiday.

Obviously, most of us look forward to eating a lot of food, hanging out with family, and watching football on Thanksgiving. Getting that chance to do that and have a few members of your favorite team over for the day would certainly be a lot of fun.

I would, however, have a lot of questions for these folks. I wouldn’t want to overwhelm them with too much on this day but it would be a treat to learn more about what they think about their team’s season and where things are headed. So, who would I like to invite most? Let’s take a look now.

No. 1 : Jacoby Brissett

I’d first want to invite Jacoby Brissett to dinner because I’d want to thank him for all that he’s done for this team’s offense this season. Despite the overall record, Brissett’s poise and leadership have made this offense one of the best in the league and kept them in most games.

He’s always come across as a genuinely humble guy and he has been well-received by his teammates and coaches this season. He was tasked with a difficult job coming into the season as the long-term substitute for Deshaun Watson and yet he’s handled every moment well. While there have been issues with other facets of the team, we all need to give Brissett a great deal of gratitude.

No. 2: Nick Chubb

My second guest would have to be Nick Chubb because he’s my favorite player. Maybe he’s yours as well. I mean who doesn’t think that Chubb is one of the best players to represent what the Cleveland Browns should be about? He has always been about making his team better and getting wins. That hasn’t been the case this year, but we sure would want to pay our gratitude toward what he’s done to keep this team afloat on many Sundays in the past.

I’d love to learn more about how Chubb become a Batman fan as he often times portrays his actions or challenges ahead with his own renditions of the comic book superhero.  My family is very talkative when we get together over the holidays and I know Chubb comes across as a relatively quiet guy but I’m sure my family would get a few words out of him. Regardless, it would be so cool to have him join our family. He’s given the Browns everything he’s got, and we should all be thankful to watch one of the best of all time on Sundays.

No. 3: Kevin Stefanski

The temptation to try and pick the brain of the head coach would be there on this day we are to look at our lives and share what we are grateful for. I am thankful that the Browns have kept a coach around for the third season. This organization has gone through so many coaches over the past 20 years. I’m grateful too that Stefanski helped steer his team into the playoffs and win a game there over the rival Pittsburgh Steelers back in 2020.

Now, Stefanski’s team is struggling, and he’s been having a tough go of it. He usually says all the right things to the press and takes the majority of the blame when his team loses.

Having the third-year coach to our Thanksgiving would give me a chance to thank him for the stability he’s brought despite some ongoing internal issues with the team. Stefanski has done a good job of keeping issues with his players and coaches on the down low. There aren’t leaks coming out of the franchise headquarters.

As a coach myself over the years, I’d want to learn more about what makes Stefanski eager to get back out there on Sundays. With all the negativity the team and the coaches get, especially when losing as they are it has to be tough on him as the leader.

It would undoubtedly be a treat to have any of these Browns or any of the others come to attend our Thanksgiving feast. Here’s to hoping you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Enjoy the food and festivities and watch a little football too.