3 reasons for less optimism even with Deshaun Watson return

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The Cleveland Browns roster will get a huge jolt on Sunday with the return of Deshaun Watson, but these three concerns still will remain.

The moment the Cleveland Browns organization and fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. After an 11-game suspension, Deshaun Watson will finally take the field for the brown and orange. As if that isn’t enough to be excited about, the game is in Houston where Watson last played in 2020. After a series of sexual misconduct allegations, it’s time to see if the steep price the Browns paid to acquire Watson is worth it.

At 4-7, it’s going to be an uphill battle for the team to turn this season into anything, but the AFC continues to beat each other up giving everyone a chance. The Browns are 2-1 in the division, with Watson getting a crack at each opponent before the end of the season.

I’m as excited as anyone for the return of Watson. While Jacoby Brissett played well for almost the entirety of Watson’s suspension, there’s no doubt it will be a clear upgrade. But even though the Browns will be upgrading at quarterback, there are still three reasons fans should hold back some optimism.

3 reasons for less optimism even with Deshaun Watson return

Browns, Deshaun Watson
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Reason No. 3 – too little too late

Even if the Cleveland Browns run the table and finish 10-7 (which will be extremely difficult), the Browns blew too many close games that they should have won and are too far behind. Just think, if they had won even the Jets and Chargers games which were both more than attainable, we would be sitting at 6-5 right now with a real shot at the playoffs.

This team has shown flashes of greatness but really has yet to put a full game together where they played well. I will give credit where due, their best game of the year was last week vs. the Buccaneers where they finally won a close game that many didn’t expect.