3 Cleveland Browns who are instantly better with Deshaun Watson as QB

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The Cleveland Browns are excited to get their franchise quarterback this week. Deshaun Watson will give an instant jolt to these three offensive players.

The moment we have all been waiting for has come as Deshaun Watson will finally suit up the Cleveland Browns and be the starting quarterback for the final six weeks of the season. So far it has been a bit disappointing as the 4-7 Browns have lost two or three games they easily should have won, but Jacoby Brissett did a fantastic job in the interim keeping this team competitive.

Not only does Watson return from an 11-game suspension in 2022 after not playing at all in 2021, but he also returns vs. his former team, the Houston Texans. The Browns will be favorites in this game, but you can bet the Texans will give it everything they have to show their former quarterback they are better off without him.

As good as Brissett was during his time as the starter, Watson will bring the next level of play to this offense. Here are three guys that will instantly improve with Watson on the field.

3 Cleveland Browns who instantly improve with Deshaun Watson

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Cleveland Browns Jedrick Wills Jr. Mandatory Credit: Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports /

Player No. 3 – Jedrick Wills

I don’t think anyone would argue that the jury is still out for Jedrick Wills. When Cleveland took him with the 10th pick in 2020, the expectation was for him to be the long-term left tackle and the first bit of stability at the position since the departure of Joe Thomas.

Now the Browns will have a tricky decision to make this offseason on if they want to exercise his fifth-year option. Wills has struggled with a few injuries and continues to be sporadic at the position. He will have a game where he plays well, and then follow it up with a game where he can’t slow anyone down off the edge. Watson’s athletic ability will quickly help Wills out and give him more confidence.

Brissett was elusive and made some plays with his legs, but nothing like what Watson will be able to do. Wills may still give up a few pressures, but Watson won’t get sacked nearly as easily as Brissett or even Baker Mayfield did in the past.