Mount Rushmore of most hated figures in Cleveland Browns history

Cleveland Browns, Art Modell. (Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns, Art Modell. (Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Browns, Hue Jackson
Cleveland Browns, Hue Jackson. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

3. Hue Jackson: Former Cleveland Browns head coach

When Hue Jackson was hired in 2016, there were some high expectations. He had spent the past two seasons as the offensive coordinator with the Cincinnati Bengals and he had a lot of success in this role.

He did have some experience as a head coach, going 8-8 with the Oakland Raiders back in 2011. That tenure ended with Jackson throwing absolutely everyone he could under the bus after missing the playoffs — while ignoring the fact that he gave up way too much for Carson Palmer.

Cleveland believed Jackson learned from his time in Oakland but it was clear he didn’t.

He spent two and a half seasons with the Browns, although he never should have come back for those final eight games. After going 1-31 in two seasons, Jackson should have been replaced. Instead, they paired him with a general manager and offensive coordinator he didn’t want to work with in John Dorsey and Todd Haley.

Predictably, things went south in a hurry, and Jackson — as well as Haley — was fired at midseason. The team instantly improved but he continued to blame everyone not named Hue Jackson for his own demise.

In all, Jackson was 3-36-1 with the Browns but still gave them some memorable moments. He famously told Baker Mayfield he “won” a backup job, jumped in Lake Erie for going 0-16, and told his bosses to get out of his office after being fired.