3 tough separations that need to happen for Cleveland Browns in 2023

Cleveland Browns, Myles Garrett. Mandatory Credit: Kareem Elgazzar-USA TODAY Sports
Cleveland Browns, Myles Garrett. Mandatory Credit: Kareem Elgazzar-USA TODAY Sports /
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Denzel Ward, Cleveland Browns
Denzel Ward, Cleveland Browns /

Cleveland Browns separation No. 2: Denzel Ward

I’m going to get some grief for these next two players, but I think both are horrible fits for the Cleveland Browns. I’m not saying they are bad players, just not a good mesh with this defense.

Denzel Ward continues to be a disappointment. After receiving his huge payday last offseason, he has just missed games for injuries and struggled in coverage.

Last week vs. the Bengals he made one good play on a bubble screen and acted like he won the Super Bowl. In the real world, his team got steamrolled and Ja’Marr Chase had over 100 yards receiving and a touchdown against him.

Ward is best in man-to-man coverage, and he really thrives when there is no other traffic on that side of the field. Joe Woods and this defense run far too much zone coverage and ask him to make too many tackles where he really struggles.

Ward is just good enough I think in a trade you could get some real value out of him. I’m not saying you will draft a pro-bowl-caliber corner, but a first-round and later-round pick are not out of the question. This team needs leadership, durability, and toughness which are three things that Ward doesn’t have to offer.

I truly would be shocked if Berry made a move of this caliber, but with all the draft picks they gave up getting Watson, a team with the right offer could have a chance at trading for Ward. In a locker room with strong leadership, that team could get a fantastic player.