Browns studs and duds: Deshaun Watson, Kevin Stefanski struggle in the cold

Browns, Deshaun Watson. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)
Browns, Deshaun Watson. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images) /
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Browns, Kevin Stefanski
Browns, Kevin Stefanski. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images) /

Dud: Kevin Stefanski, Browns Head Coach

Week after week, Kevin Stefanski has been taking heat. But with reports surfacing before the game that his job is safe, he went out and had his worst game as a head coach.

That might sound a bit harsh, but it’s the reality. Stefanski made several terrible decisions including dialing up a couple of deep passes in the second half — on back-to-back plays. He didn’t learn from that as he also threw it deep on a fourth-and-two that should have sealed the win for New Orleans.

Even with those gaffes, Cleveland had a shot at the end and Stefanski inexplicably called his timeouts far too early. That forced Watson to start firing for the end zone from the 15, severely limiting their chances to tie it up.

Dud: Tony Fields II, Linebacker

Taysom Hill got rolling for the Saints late in the second quarter as he ran 11 yards on one play, then followed it up with 16 on the very next snap. Making matters worse, Tony Fields led with his helmet when he tackled Hill giving them another 15 yards for free. That penalty moved the ball to the Cleveland 24.

New Orleans ended that drive with a field goal but then had two more touchdowns. They might not have stopped them even without the penalty from Fields but it sure didn’t help.