3 reasons the Cleveland Browns will beat the Pittsburgh Steelers again

Browns, Nick Chubb. Mandatory Credit: David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports
Browns, Nick Chubb. Mandatory Credit: David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports /
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Browns, Nick Chubb. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

2. Browns have Nick Chubb and they don’t

Nick Chubb ran the ball 23 times for 113 yards in the Browns win earlier this season against the Steelers. He currently has gained 1,448 yards on the season and is sitting in second place in the NFL behind Josh Jacobs. Pittsburgh couldn’t stop him before, and there’s no reason to thinl they’re going to stop him now.

Chubb has rushed the ball 129 times and gone for 576 yards against the Steelers in his career. He’s played in a playoff game against them and added 13 rushes for a nice 69 yards and a 5.3 yards-per-carry average. He also caught four passes for 69 yards and a touchdown through the air. He’s totaled three touchdowns overall and I’d expect that to go up after the game Sunday.

We’ll have to wait to see what the game plan is against them, but the Browns coaches will likely use Chubb in a variety of ways to get the Cleveland offense moving. In many games, they’ve had Chubb used initially in the passing game with a bubble screen or a pass that will give him a chance at a quick 10 to 20-yard run after the catch. Look for that again on Sunday.