Cleveland Browns: 3 most questionable decisions by Andrew Berry

Browns, Jack Conklin. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Browns, Jack Conklin. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /
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As the Cleveland Browns prepare to eliminate the Steelers from the playoffs, let’s look at three questionable decisions from Andrew Berry.

As we head into Week 18, the Cleveland Browns don’t have a ton to play for as they have been eliminated from the playoffs after a couple of difficult losses to start the season. However, there is plenty of pride to play for.

With a win, the Browns can eliminate the Steelers from having a shot at the playoffs (which isn’t extremely far-fetched if they win), and they can secure a third-place finish in the AFC North vs. a last-place.

I’m the guy who would typically say a fourth-place schedule for a team who should be a contender with Deshaun Watson as their quarterback could be of value. But this one is important to the franchise in my opinion. One, this team needs to end the season on a high note, there has been a ton of drama and an 8-9 finish would honestly feel great. Two, it’s the Steelers, keeping these guys out of the playoffs and handing Mike Tomlin a losing record would be great as well.

Even with one more game, fans have started looking to the offseason already.  Who will stay, and who will no longer be on this roster? But before we get too far down the rabbit hole, let’s look at three Andrew Berry decisions that are somewhat puzzling.

Questionable moves by Browns GM Andrew Berry

Cleveland Browns
Browns, Taven Bryan. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images) /

Questionable decision No. 3 – Overlooking Defensive Tackle

I get it, in today’s NFL game it’s all about passing, but the Cleveland Browns continue to get the ball ran down their throat and I am tired of watching it. I thought for sure after the defense looked like Swiss cheese in 2021, Berry would fix the issue in 2022.

Instead, he doubled down with another pass-rushing defensive tackle (Taven Bryan) and refused to sign a big body who can plug up gaps. Fans are extremely frustrated with Joe Woods but let me assure you, he isn’t the problem.

The qualification to be a starting defensive tackle (lack of talent) or linebacker (so many injuries), is a warm body with a pulse. That’s obviously an exaggeration, but it’s tough to make lemonade with a handful of ketchup-flavored popsicles. Hopefully, 2023 is the year, defensive backs are great, but when a team averages five yards per carry or more, it’s tough to win games.