Cleveland Browns: 3 most questionable decisions by Andrew Berry

Browns, Jack Conklin. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Browns, Jack Conklin. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /
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Questionable decision No. 1 – Jack Conklin Extension

The biggest issue I have with Berry thus far would be the extensions he has finalized for the Cleveland Browns. The one that really has me gasping for air is Jack Conklin, but there are plenty of other question marks over the last two years as well.

Conklin has been in the league for seven years and of the last five he’s only been able to play one complete season. Not only that, but he also suffered a serious knee injury at the end of the 2021 season that some thought could be career-ending.

Don’t mistake this as saying Conklin is a bad player, because he’s a solid right tackle in the NFL. He’s above average at run blocking and pass protection, which is great for the Browns, but he’s now the sixth highest-paid right tackle in the league.

Guys like Mike McGlinchey and Tristan Wirfs are making pennies on the dollar compared to Conklin. With the struggles shown by Wills, I would have liked to see Berry bring in someone with more potential than Conklin to sure up this line for Deshaun Watson.

In true Berry fashion, the void years once again are in the Conklin contract. That means he has no obligation to play for this team past 2026 but will be on the cap through the 2028 season. Berry has done this with multiple deals, and it eventually will catch up to this team. I know, teams function this way, but those teams are the ones that always end up in a complete rebuild as soon as they lose one guy.

Please don’t take this as “Fire Berry Now”! But it is worth mentioning that this guy hasn’t just walked on water as some tend to believe.