Boiling point: Kevin Stefanski in hot water after messy end to season

Browns, Kevin Stefanski
Browns, Kevin Stefanski /
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Browns, Kevin Stefanski
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No. 1 issue with Kevin Stefanski: Not building a winner

Probably the worst thing to happen for Kevin Stefanski was that he got his team to win a lot in 2020. They went 11-5 and made the playoffs and then beat the Steelers in that first postseason appearance.

That moment set Stefanski up to fail from that point forward unless he would have been able to improve on that winning record and gotten back to the playoffs.

Of course, that first season could also be looked at as being the best thing to happen for Stefanski because they won and now it’s bought him some time to try and get things turned around. They have a new quarterback in Watson having played now in his sixth game after being on a very long two-year break. So, giving the coach and quarterback some more time to work out the kinks in the offense seems logical.

Whether you are of the first or second opinion, the fact is that the Browns are losing more than they are winning. They only went 7-10 this year and 8-9 the season before and that’s not sitting very well with anyone.

Many of the players have complained about a variety of issues and that’s not exactly a good thing to see on any team.

The latest bizarre situation happened this past week when defensive end Jadeveon Clowney decided to share his disdain for everything and threw his team under the bus. Stefanski, in turn, sent him packing and likely out of Cleveland for good. While the move by the coach was the right one, it just builds on the image that he and his team aren’t very cohesive.

For Stefanski, this season has concluded but the temperature in the room is very warm right now. That pot of hot simmering water is now on full boil for him and unless he chooses to try and work on some of these big issues, he’ll be gone at some point soon.