2022 squad the most unlikable in Browns history? Not close

Browns, Freddie Kitchens, Odell Beckham. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Browns, Freddie Kitchens, Odell Beckham. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

One reader asked Cleveland.com if the 2022 Cleveland Browns team was the most unlikable ever, and Terry Pluto said no, while giving the correct answer

This past season, the Cleveland Browns were a frustrating team to watch. They had enough talent to put together a winning season but injuries and ineffective play on the field led to a 7-10 finish.

Now in the offseason, fans have been letting their frustrations out and one reader sent in a question to Cleveland.com, asking if this was the most unlikable roster ever.

Of course, this fan is probably referring to Deshaun Watson, and there are plenty of fans who were unhappy with the move to bring him in. However, outside of him, there really wasn’t a lot to dislike when it comes to the players.

Pluto pointed this out while admitting he didn’t like the Watson trade. He also added the correct answer as to which roster is the most unlikable.

"“The last Browns team that really bothered me was in 2019. That was all the drama with Odell Beckham Jr., Freddie Kitchens looking overwhelmed and the Myles Garrett brawl on the field in the Pittsburgh game.”"

From there, he discussed the 2021 team and how OBJ had more drama and Kevin Stefanski wouldn’t sit an ailing Baker Mayfield. Still, none of that was as frustrating as watching a team that could turn everything into a soap opera.

Odell Beckham got in trouble for wearing an absurdly expensive watch on game days as well as having a visor that was too dark. He and his buddy Jarvis Landry also drew the ire of the league for wearing the wrong cleats.

At every turn, excuses were made for OBJ and Landry, but the fact is, everyone else followed the rules and they simply didn’t think they had to.

This out-of-control attitude culminated in Myles Garrett ripping off Mason Rudolph’s helmet and beating him over the head with it.

From there, we saw where the issue truly was and why these players felt so entitled. Head coach Freddie Kitchens was seeing wearing a shirt that said “Pittsburgh started it.”

No head coach in their right mind would justify assaulting a player this way, but Kitchens was so unprepared for the role, that this is what we saw. And even worse, he said he didn’t regret it even after it was pointed out how tone-deaf the shirt was.

So in the end, you can dislike the Watson move all you want — and it’s justifiable. But this 2022 roster which had some great players on it is not nearly as dislikable as the overly-confident bunch from 2019.