Here's why you should expect the Browns to make the playoffs

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
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Week 4: Browns at the Atlanta Falcons

If Cleveland could have looked into the future before this game, they would have seen that Falcons quarterback Marcus Mariota completed just seven total passes in the entire game. They also would have seen that the Falcons had a fifth-round rookie running back and also had to elevate running back Caleb Huntley from the practice squad prior to the game. Those two factors alone would lead anyone to believe the Browns won this game in a reasonably easy fashion.

But the reason Mariota only needed to complete seven passes is because Tyler Allgeier, that fifth-round running back, and Caleb Huntley, the practice squad guy, combined for 20 carries and 140 yards on the ground against the Browns lack-of-run defense. Cleveland lost a game where the opponent's leading receiver — in a passing league, mind you — had just two catches.

Week 5: Browns vs the Los Angeles Chargers

Cleveland quarterback Jacoby Brissett threw for 230 yards, Nick Chubb rushed for 134 yards and two scores, and Kareem Hunt even added 47 yards and a score. And the Browns still lost this game.

Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert had been dealing with a rib injury since Week 2, so the Browns had the luxury of facing another low-volume passing attack. But their run defense that just gave up 202 yards the week before came back to give up an even bigger 238 yards in this game, including 173 yards to Chargers running back Austin Ekeler.

But despite the abysmal run defense, the Browns still had a chance to win this game. It was the special teams yet again that couldn't come through in the end. The field goal unit had an opportunity to give the Browns a one-point lead with 0:16 remaining, but kicker Cade York missed the 54-yard field goal attempt.