The 10 biggest what-ifs in Cleveland Browns history

The Cleveland Browns have many regrets as a franchise. What if they could change some of them?

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1. What if the Browns had never relocated?

What if the Cleveland Browns had never relocated?

Well, it's really not that simple, is it? But let's just play the hypothetical game for a moment. The possibilities of the Cleveland Browns never relocating include:

- Bill Belichick remaining the team's head coach
- Ozzie Newsome being the team's long-term GM
- The Browns enjoying the success of the early 2000s we saw from the Baltimore Ravens
- A generation of the franchise's struggle turning into a generation of franchise stability and prosperity

Not to be dramatic, or anything.

Bill Belichick was technically not fired by the Cleveland Browns but by the people in charge of the Baltimore Ravens. Ozzie Newsome was a legendary player for the Browns but he followed the team as they relocated to Baltimore and obviously didn't return to the Browns when they were reborn as a franchise in 1999.


In relocating to Baltimore, history was tampered with. We'll never know what could have been with the Browns if they hadn't relocated, but the legends that were running the franchise have certainly etched their respective places in NFL history since the relocation, haven't they?

Bill Belichick is probably going to go down as the greatest coach in NFL history. Ozzie Newsome is one of the best general managers the league has ever known. The Ravens have multiple Lombardi Trophies and have been a relatively consistent contender and model of franchise stability.

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