The 10 biggest what-ifs in Cleveland Browns history

The Cleveland Browns have many regrets as a franchise. What if they could change some of them?

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9. What if Joe Jurevicius never got hurt?

The 2007 Cleveland Browns were one of the NFL's most pleasant surprises. Derek Anderson seemingly came out of nowhere to make the Pro Bowl after throwing 29 touchdown passes. In fact, Anderson is the only Cleveland Browns QB post-1999 to make the Pro Bowl. Part of the reason why he made it that year was the ability of Joe Jurevicius to move the chains.

Jurevicius wasn't a superstar at the time, but a sure-handed veteran and key piece of the offense who provided an important outlet to Anderson on 80 targets in 2007. Jurevicius needed offseason surgery in 2008 and was expected to miss part of the season due to injury but got a staph infection, sued the Browns, and his NFL career was over.

His absence from the lineup was notable for the Browns that season as the team's top 3 leaders in targets -- Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow Jr., and Donte Stallworth -- finished with a combined catch percentage of 43.17 percent. Edwards had a catch percentage of 39.9 percent and Stallworth's was 37.8 percent. The offense might not have tanked so hard with a veteran receiver like Jurevicius to help raise all boats.