2023 Cleveland Browns Offense: Fact or Fiction

While we await the arrival of training camp, here are some fact or fiction predictions for the Cleveland Browns in 2023.
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
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Fact or Fiction: 2023 will be the final season for Kevin Stefanski as the Browns head coach

There is a certain section of the fanbase that believes Kevin Stefanski is constantly on the hots seat. Year after year, game after game, and play after play, we have heard from a vocal minority of fans that Stefanski needs to go as he is the problem.

Some wanted him to give up the play-calling duties to focus on the totality of the team. What those spectators fail to realize is the fact that the Browns would have had a lot more success over the past three seasons if the players had executed.

*Gasp* How dare I criticize a player for dropping a pass or picking up a penalty? The fact of the matter is that execution is and will forever be key to winning the NFL.

One of the most commonly used phrases/statements is "Run the damn ball, Kevin!"

If there is any play call that isn't a Nick Chubb run, the play is a failure, even if there is success.

"Run the damn ball, Kevin!"

We can expect a lot more of that this year as Stefanski is implementing a more pass-happy offense, even though Chubb will still get his.

"Run the damn ball, Kevin!"

The Browns are 26-24 under Stefanski, making him the winningest coach since the team returned to the league in 1999. Yet, there are some who want him out and someone else in but never gives any real viable options.

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So start over yet again? Yeah, that's a no from me. Stefanski is the only bit of stability this fanbase has ever seen in terms of who the head coach is, so unless this upcoming season goes completely off the rails, Stefanski is here to stay.