2023 NFL Power Rankings Week 16: Browns climb to No. 6 overall

The Cleveland Browns are now 9-5 and land well within the top 10 in these 2023 NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 16

Cleveland Browns
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Another win for the Cleveland Browns means they're now 9-5 on the season. This guarantees them their second winning campaign in four years under Kevin Stefanski. They're also still in control of their playoff destiny, currently sitting at the No. 5 seed in the AFC.

Led by a stingy defense, this Cleveland roster can go toe-to-toe with any team in the NFL. That's how they enter these Week 16 NFL Power Rankings firmly inside the top 10. Let's dive right in and see how the entire league looks when compared to one another.

32. Carolina Panthers (2-12)

The Carolina Panthers finally got their second win this past weekend. Even with that being the case, they managed a mere nine points and had no touchdowns. They have a long way to go to be taken seriously.

31. New England Patriots (3-11)

There are now reports that the New England Patriots are going to move on from Bill Belichick after the season. It makes sense considering their atrocious 3-11 record. Still, it will be the end of an impressive era for the former Cleveland coach.

30. Arizona Cardinals (3-11)

It's safe to say Jonathan Gannon's first year as the head coach in Arizona hasn't gone well. But judging by how cringy some of the videos were coming out of camp, it's actually gone better than expected. At 3-11, that says a lot about how bad those clips were.

29. Washington Commanders (4-10)

Ron Rivera is another veteran head coach who is expected to be gone in 2024. He's had some solid moments in Washington but overall, they've been lackluster during his tenure. Then again, that's kind of the norm for them, so it will probably be the same under whoever replaces him.