2023 NFL Power Rankings Week 16: Browns climb to No. 6 overall

The Cleveland Browns are now 9-5 and land well within the top 10 in these 2023 NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 16

Cleveland Browns
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28. New York Giants (5-9)

Last year, Brian Daboll was the talk of the NFL. The rookie head coach had the New York Giants playing well and they made it into the postseason. This year, it's all come crashing down and they're a mere 5-9.

27. Los Angeles Chargers (5-9)

Brandon Staley was let go after the Chargers latest loss and will be replaced by Giff Smith (we don't know who that is either). This organization has a lot to figure out if they ever want to get back on the right track. It's hard to figure out exactly what's wrong but no matter how much talent they have, they can't put together wins.

26. New York Jets (5-9)

Had Aaron Rodgers stayed healthy, this could have been a great season for the New York Jets. Their defense remains stingy but their offense is a mess. There are rumors he could come back but at 5-9, he needs to worry about getting fully healthy before the 2024 campaign.

25. Tennessee Titans (5-9)

The bad news for the Titans is that they won't have a winning season in 2023 — that will be two years in a row which isn't the norm for Mike Vrabel. The good news is that Will Levis looks to be the real deal. That could be enough to help them rebound quickly.