3 big questions for Cleveland Browns as they approach Draft Day

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The Cleveland Browns and the NFL are ready for the draft to start Thursday. While the Browns don't pick until the third round this year, that won't stop the questions and speculations on who the team is targeting or their strategies going into this draft.

Cleveland has some flexibility with all of this as they prepare for the busy three-day affair. They've made some good deals with free agent signings including defensive tackle Dalvin Tomlinson and they made a trade for wide receiver Elijah Moore.

Their roster is rounding out pretty well on all fronts so they can hopefully find a few really talented players in this year's draft that will only make the squad better. However, there are still some big questions that are out there so let's look at a few of them.

Question No. 1: Do the Browns hold tight at No. 74?

In last year's NFL Draft, the Browns didn't hold onto their first pick and instead gave traded back, making their first selection at No. 68. That's where they took Martin Enerson, a cornerback from Mississippi State.

In this year's draft, they own the No. 74 pick. Will the Browns hold tight and make a selection? Could they identify a player or two that they would be willing to move up? There are a few players like Trenton Simpson, a linebacker from Clemson and Jack Campbell, a linebacker from Iowa that could be intriguing selections if indeed they look to move up.

Cleveland could do what they did a year ago and give up their first selection of the draft at the No. 74 pick to fall back a bit. There are so many talented players and so much depth at certain positions that the Browns might believe they can wait a bit longer and still get a quality type of player. At the same time they'd be accumulating future draft picks either to use in this draft or for later ones.