3 big questions for Cleveland Browns as they approach Draft Day

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Question No. 3: Will the Browns make any trades of current players during the draft?

It'll be interesting to see how things play out with the Browns in this draft and if they'd part ways with any current veterans in a trade. The wide receiver prospects in this year's draft aren't the best group compared to recent years so Anthony Schwartz could be an attractive player to add in a package deal.

There's Browns offensive lineman Jedrick Wills, who's entering year four. There's an option for the team to pick up the fifth year but that hasn't been done yet. While Wills has played well in stretches, he's not been consistent over his first three seasons.

Cleveland would likely have to have a prospect in this draft that they would be intrigued by to make a switch at this point. It's hard to find good left tackles and while Wills isn't the best, he's not the worst in the league.

There's also tight end Harrison Bryant who might be a player the Browns try to toss in with a trade of picks to move around in the draft. He's put up some consistent numbers in Cleveland as primarily the second or third option at the position.

The Browns decided to sign free agent tight end Jordan Akins recently and he'd been the teammate of Deshaun Watson while they were both in Houston. With that move, it might be an indication that the team might part ways with Bryant at some point.

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