3 Big storylines to watch when the Browns travel to Indianapolis in Week 7

• Offensive lineman turning it around

• Starting quarterback isn't an issue

• The defense could have a massive day

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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If you are still on cloud nine after the Cleveland Browns gave the San Francisco 49ers their first loss of the season, well, you aren't alone. That was a massive win with all the odds stacked against the Browns.

In a game where Cleveland was given minimal chance to win, the team found a way to do whatever it took to get the job done and improve to 3-2 on the season.

The defense, which will be one of the three storylines to watch in Week 6 against the Colts (spoiler alert), made believers out of a lot of people, even if there are a select few who will give the 49ers the injury excuse. This unit is playing lights-out football and is a major reason this team is 3-2 as opposed to 2-3.

The Browns offense did enough to win the game and even got back on track in the rushing attack, which is a good sign moving forward.

Here are the three big storylines to watch when the Browns travel to Indianapolis in Week 6.

3. Is Jedrick Wills starting to figure it out?

I was one of the biggest Jedrick Wills supporters there was and then after so long of unwavering support, I finally had to let that go. However, after Sunday, put me right back on that train and I'll act as the conductor.

Big Jed was drafted with the 10th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft with the hope he'd be the next Joe Thomas, who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame earlier this year.

That wasn't fair to Wills then, nor is it now, but he hasn't played up to his potential on a consistent basis. He has some poor body language, especially after giving up a sack or what appears to be giving up on a play. The talent is there, but the effort doesn't always accompany that.

Going into last week's game against the 49ers, Wills was ranked the 71st-ranked run blocker and the 58th-ranked pass blocker in the NFL. That's not.....good by any stretch of the imagination.

Wills was trying to switch things up during the bye week, in his own quiet way, to work on the struggles and outside noise. Well, the bye looked like it came at the perfect time for this team and more importantly for Wills, who shined against San Fran.

According to PFF, Wills graded at a 69.0 (nice), which marked his highest-graded game since Week 8 of last season. On Sunday, Wills stepped his game up in a big way, including down the stretch, where he was fully engaged and made some huge blocks to spring running back Jerome Ford free on a pivotal drive late in the game.

While it was only one game, this could be the game to kickstart Wills into a good NFL left tackle. He doesn't have to be Thomas, but he has to be a guy this team can rely on.