3 biggest changes Cleveland Browns must make in Week 13

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With just six games left in the 2023 season, the Cleveland Browns are currently the sixth seed in the AFC. They control their destiny and have a favorable schedule down the stretch. That all plays in their favor but they still need to go out and secure a few more wins to make the playoffs for the second time in the past four years.

Coming off their fourth loss this year, the Browns should still have plenty of confidence, even with continued injuries at key positions. They had won three in a row before the defeat in Denver — including two against AFC North rivals. Having said that, they need to make a few changes to ensure they finish the year on a positive note. Here, we look at the three biggest.

3. Stop trying the reverse

For all the good Kevin Stefanski has brought to this franchise, he continues to try certain plays that simply don't work consistently. The best example is easily when he runs a wide receiver reverse. While Anthony Schwartz broke one or two of these during his tenure, they've largely been a bust. Especially in 2023.

Marquise Goodwin and Elijah Moore have each run them with no success — and Moore even had a huge loss in their first meeting with the Ravens. This past weekend, they even took it up a notch and tried the dreaded double reverse. This attempt was a spectacular fail with Moore pitching the ball to Pierre Strong, who fumbled it away, allowing Denver to take a commanding lead.

Cleveland has a good enough defense that they simply need to play ball-control offense and take what's there. Punting the ball away isn't always a bad thing, especially when you factor in their special teams play. What they can't do is turn the ball over or have huge losses on running plays. That's why this play should be removed from their playbook for the remainder of the year.