3 biggest changes Cleveland Browns must make in Week 13

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1. Turn to Joe Flacco already

Yes, the last suggestion was to stick with what's working, so why would it make sense to move to Joe Flacco when Dorian Thompson-Robinson was looking better last week? Simple — Flacco can throw the ball better than DTR and P.J. Walker.

DTR indeed has the highest ceiling and these snaps have been invaluable for him. But this isn't a team trying to develop a young quarterback. This is a franchise that's made the playoffs twice since returning to the NFL and has a shot to make it again this year. They also have a defense that can carry them far, as long as the offense isn't a major liability.

As it stands now, that's what this offense is. Sure, they look good when they're ahead or it's a one-score game. But teams aren't worried about Cleveland scoring in a hurry. They're also not worried about the quarterback throwing it more than 10-15 yards down the field.

While Flacco, who is now 38, isn't the player he once was, he can still change all that. Even Amari Cooper, who knows a thing or two about getting the ball downfield, was gushing about Flacco recently. The normally quiet wideout called Flacco's passing "poetry in motion" while offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt also went on about the zip on his passes.

Flacco being able to stretch the field with the deep ball not only helps Cooper — and players such as Elijah Moore — but it will help Cleveland's rushing attack as well. Oftentimes, the ground game stalls when defenses realize there's no reason to fear being beaten deep, so they stack the box.

Even if Flacco completes fewer than half the deep balls, the simple threat is enough to keep the secondary back. That's why this move needs to happen. If it does, the Browns should have no problem locking up their spot in the playoffs, and who knows what could happen from there.

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