3 biggest questions remaining for Cleveland Browns at this point of the season

The Cleveland Browns are still in line for a playoff berth but have these 3 looming questions to answer

Cleveland Browns
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1. Can the Cleveland Browns get out of their own way?

Throughout the season, and even dating back a couple of years now, the Browns have typically found ways to hurt themselves. Especially on offense. Whether it be an untimely turnover or a terrible holding penalty, they’ve often gifted their opponents games.

This happened back in Week 2 against the Steelers when Deshaun Watson threw a pick-six on the opening play. Despite this, they were still in control late until Watson was sacked and fumbled the ball deep in Pittsburgh territory. That also led to a defensive touchdown as the offense surrendered 14 points in a 26-22 loss.

In addition to the turnovers, they’ve had some questionable play-calling at the most inopportune time. While Kevin Stefanski takes far more heat than he should, it’s true that he tries to get too creative at times. We saw this when a reverse for Elijah Moore led to a 20-yard loss in their Week 4 loss to the Ravens. Then against Denver, another reverse resulted in a turnover when Pierre Strong couldn’t handle the toss from Moore.

Cleveland has the type of defense that they can win low scoring games. Yes, it would be ideal if they could start dropping 40 points but that’s hard to do with a backup quarterback. Until they can be content with keeping the game plan simple for 60 minutes, we have to wonder if they’ll ever learn to get out of their own way.

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