3 bold predictions: Cleveland Browns finally get the deep ball going against Rams

Joe Flacco was officially named the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns and he should be able to get the deep ball working once again

Cleveland Browns
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1. Joe Flacco hits a 50 yard touchdown pass

It's going to take some getting used to but the Cleveland Browns will be relying on a player who has been a thorn in their side for years when they take the field this weekend. Joe Flacco, who spent 11 seasons in Baltimore, has faced Cleveland 21 times in his career. His record against them is a staggering 18-3.

That includes a win last year when he was with the Jets, the only time he faced them since leaving Baltimore. That defeat was in Week 2 and was a shocking upset since Cleveland thought they had it won. They then saw how quickly Flacco could move the ball down the field as they scored twice in the final minutes.

His ability to throw it deep will be a welcome change for this offense. While DTR was starting to show improvement against the Steelers and Broncos over the past two weeks, he still couldn't threaten defenses with the deep ball. That's why the box was always stacked and why it became tough to move the ball on the ground consistently.


While Flacco does have the ability to push the ball, there will be a trade-off. At nearly 40 years of age, he's not a mobile threat and will be in trouble if the offensive line struggles. Having said that, they've responded well when faced with pressure situations so this prediction is that they give Flacco the time he needs to take a few shots.

In this final prediction, he does exactly that and finds Elijah Moore for a 50-yard touchdown. The two already have a rapport with one another and that will help them connect on a huge play. That will also have an impact on the ground game since the defensive backs will have to start respecting the deep ball once again.

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