3 Bold Predictions for Cleveland Browns at the start of training camp

• Special Teams makes strides

• JOK stock is up

• Can Jed Wills bounce back?

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With the first full week of training camp about to begin for the Cleveland Browns, you could say things are about to get serious. Fans have had a long seven months off to think about the disappointing 2022 season, but most are back on the wagon with high expectations for 2023. 

The two most noticeable changes will be the special teams and defensive coordinator upgrades.  Bubba Ventrone (Special Teams) and Jim Schwartz (Defense) will both be substantial upgrades for the team. 

This roster is still full of prominent names like Myles Garrett, Deshaun Watson, Nick Chubb, and Denzel Ward, but they will need some help from secondary players if they want this year to be a success.

Here are three bold predictions for this team as we head into the heart of training camp.

Browns Bold Prediction No. 3: Top 5 special teams unit

Two additions to this 2023 roster and one rebound season will make this year's special teams units top-notch.  You heard me right, that includes coverage, return, and kicking as a hole.

First, Ventrone is such a welcomed sight in Cleveland.  Not only is he young and passionate about the game, but he also has a real talent for connecting with players and getting the most out of them.  I know Mike Priefer is a highly thought-of coach, but it’s just time for a change.

The second addition is Mike Ford. He's a low-level free agent signing who will never see the field in the secondary, but he's an elite special teams player. I know one player can’t change a roster, but his energy will wear off and help tremendously in coverage where the Browns struggles so much last season.

Last but not least, expect Cade York to have a monster year. For those calling for his job, he has the leg strength of a very small percentage of people. Having someone with a legitimate shot at 65 yards is such a weapon that will win games for the Browns next year. 

It may not seem like a big deal, but the Browns getting this special teams unit in check and thriving in 2023 will be a tremendous help to this team.