3 Bold Predictions for Cleveland Browns at the start of training camp

• Special Teams makes strides

• JOK stock is up

• Can Jed Wills bounce back?

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Browns Bold Prediction No. 1: Jedrick Wills turns the corner

One of the biggest things that held back the Cleveland Browns offense last season was the pass protection. The two tackles both struggled at times and the interior which is so often called “elite” also had a lot of trouble when Watson dropped back to pass.

For three years we have been talking about the talent that Jedrick Wills has and what an elite coach Bill Callahan (offensive line) is, but to this point that magic has just been on paper and not on the field. 

In Wills' defense, he has struggled with ankle injuries and was asked to move from right tackle to left which would only sound easy for someone that doesn’t understand the game. 

My biggest concern with Wills is at times he plays lazy. I would struggle a lot less if he made a mistake but was giving it his all. Far too often last season he would miss a block and then just stand around and make things worse.

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I think Wills is finally healthy to start camp and in year four things will really come together. I’m not saying he’s going to be top five in the NFL, but I also don’t think he will be a liability anymore in 2023.