3 Browns already on the chopping block before OTAs

Which veterans are on the Browns chopping block?
Siaki Ika, Cleveland Browns
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2. David Bell, WR

As good as Andrew Berry has been for the Browns, he's had one major flaw as the GM — Berry has struggled to find wide receiver talent in the NFL Draft. Donovan Peoples-Jones, a sixth-round pick in 2020 remains his best selection.

After DPJ, he took three wideouts in Round 3 in each of the subsequent seasons. First was Anthony Schwartz, who was released in 2023. Next, it was David Bell, and then last year he picked up Cedric Tillman.

Tillman had 21 receptions for 224 yards and no touchdowns, leaving a lot to be desired. Still, he's going to get a shot again this season but Bell might be on his final chance. The Purdue product improved in year two but still has just 38 catches for 381 yards and three touchdowns — with 68 yards and two touchdowns coming in Week 18 when the Browns and Cincinnati Bengals rested their starters.

Both Tillman and Bell failed to step up late in the season when Amari Cooper and Elijah Moore were hurt against the New York Jets. That's one reason Berry made a trade for Jerry Jeudy, making it three offseasons in a row he added a veteran via trade. The Browns also have Jamari Thrash, who was taken out of Louisville in the fifth round this year.

Thrash is arguably the most complete prospect they've taken in the draft and he's likely to push Bell to sixth on the depth chart. That could be enough to see him forced to look for a job elsewhere.