3 Browns players who stood out on offense in preseason finale

• QB1 making electric plays

• David Njoku has a chance at a Pro Bowl season

• Fighting for a roster spot

Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs
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2. David Njoku, TE

Similar to Elijah Moore's first snaps in the preseason, David Njoku didn't play a lot or record a ton of stats but showed what he is capable of doing in the approaching regular season. He only caught one pass for 10 yards and a touchdown, but he did it in a way Brown's fans will be talking about until the regular season starts.

On the play, Njoku ran a corner route to the back pylon. Njoku made a beautiful fingertip catch after outrunning the defender.

He then carried the ball into a running Chief Slam — his patented celebration. It's something that Brown's fans have been talking about for not just months but since last season. A deadly connection between Njoku and Watson.

Njoku stands out so much as it shows what he can do with Deshaun Watson at the helm. Njoku has always been a redzone threat throughout his career but his numbers are about to increase this season.

He has had the ability throughout his career to make some high-point catches. With Watson, it has the feeling of being a recurring theme. With Watson, he has the chance to put up Pro Bowl numbers. Even if he may not be putting up a 1,000-yard season, no one should be shocked if he is close to the most receiving touchdowns on the team.