3 Browns starters who will be replaced in the NFL Draft

Which Browns starters could be replaced in the NFL Draft?

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Browns starter to be replaced No. 2: Wyatt Teller, RG

Many of the salary cap guys have been preaching for a while that Wyatt Teller or Joel Bitonio will likely be cap casualties before the 2024 season. Because Btionio has such a long tenure and Teller still has some trade value, I look for Berry to find a trade partner in the next few weeks before his roster bonus is due.

Teller was a great fit in the old Browns offense with the wide zone running scheme. He's extremely athletic and is an elite pulling guard. Over the last few years, fans have gotten used to seeing the Teller pancake, but he has struggled a lot in pass protection. 

With the new look Browns offense that everyone is expecting in 2024 with Ken Dorsey and Watson, the style of play just doesn’t work anymore. Not to mention that Teller has a cap hit of more than $11 million in 2024 which is extremely high for an offensive guard.

If you look at recent history, NFL guards are the easiest position to replace in the back half of the draft. With good scouting some of these guys can go un-noticed in college, and you can move a college tackle to the interior where it’s so much easier and some can thrive. 

There is certainly a risk to this move, but with guys like Luke Wypler and Nick Harris on the depth chart, this feels like the perfect position for Berry to risk in the draft. The offensive line already has so much money tied up, that the team can’t afford to spend any more in free agency.

I would expect Berry to find a guy who excels in pass protection and has a bit of a mean streak.  We certainly need someone who is capable of run-blocking, but keeping Watson protected is the most important thing.