3 Browns trade targets left after Brandin Cooks was sent to Dallas

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Early on Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys swung a huge trade that might finally make up for the awful deal they made with the Cleveland Browns in 2022.

Dallas, who sent Amari Cooper to Cleveland for basically a fifth-round pick, just landed Brandin Cooks in exchange for a fifth and sixth-round selection. Making it more affordable, the Houston Texans are even eating one-third of his contract.

While it never seemed to heat up, there were rumors Cleveland was interested in Cooks, who played alongside Deshaun Watson for one season in Houston. Now that this move is officially off the table, here are three more wideouts the Browns could look to add via trade.

Browns trade target No. 3: Kendrick Bourne

After years of looking for players dedicated solely to football, Bill Belichick changed his tune as he and the New England Patriots signed JuJu Smith-Schuster to a three-year, $33 million deal. The part-time NFL wide receiver is known more for his real hobby, which is making annoying TikTok videos.

It will be interesting to see if he tones those down, or maybe gets Belichick to join him for another exciting "Corvette Corvette" performance.

While it's still a weird pairing, Smith-Schuster's arrival could spell the end for Kendrick Bourne. Added on a three-year deal ahead of the 2021 season, Bourne saw his usage drop in 2022 and might be on the block.

He's not a household name but as a WR3, he could prove to be a threat. He's a sure-handed receiver that runs cleans routes, which would help Cleveland move on from Anthony Schwartz who has struggled in each of those areas.