3 Browns trade targets left after Brandin Cooks was sent to Dallas

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Browns trade target No. 2: Jerry Jeudy, Denver Broncos

One name that Cleveland continues to be linked to is Jerry Jeudy, a former first round pick out of Alabama. Jeudy has been a solid player with 157 receptions for 2,295 yards and nine touchdowns in three seasons but Denver expected more when they selected him in 2020 — ahead of CeeDee Lamb and Justin Jefferson nonetheless.

While it's true he hasn't been the same game-changer as Lamb or Jefferson, the Broncos know he's also had some issues to deal with. That includes inconsistent quarterback play from Drew Lock and even Russell Wilson in 2022. They also know he has the talent to continue to grow from his 972-yard campaign with Wilson.

For that reason, Denver is rumored to be asking for quite the package to move on from Jeudy. Perhaps they hold to that and keep him but with his name floated on the block under two different head coaches now, it could be hard to get him to buy into whatever they're selling.

That's why the idea of a trade will still have life. And if the price comes down at all, the Browns would be wise to pounce.

Sure, there will be those angry about giving up the 42nd pick in the draft (which they would have to do in order to get Jeudy) but if a second-round wideout had close to the numbers Jeudy did last season, no one would call that a bad pick. Meaning, they would be getting the value they needed.