3 burning questions the Browns must answer during training camp

The Cleveland Browns have a lot of ground to make up to get on the level of the upper tier of the AFC. Here are three burning questions they must answer during training camp.

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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The Cleveland Browns are currently in the midst of their summer break. On July 22nd, the team will reconvene in Wild Wonderful West Virginia at the Greenbrier Resort and officially begin their training camp.

That start date is a week earlier than 30 other NFL teams due to their participation in the Hall of Fame game against the New York Jets on August 3rd. While the players might not be overly enthusiastic about having an extra preseason game and their offseason cut a week short, it will provide the coaching staff and front office a little cushion heading into the regular season.

Even with a considerable portion of the Browns roster returning from 2022, there is enough turnover, both philosophical and schematically, that the added time on the practice field and the meeting rooms should be viewed as a godsend. Here are three burning questions that the Browns need to answer during training camp.

Can the Browns count on Cade York?

Regardless of how much emphasis the Browns have put on becoming more explosive in their passing game, or the personnel changes they made to solidify their defense, the vast majority of games will still come down to a handful of crucial plays. It's the nature of the NFL.

The balance of many of those games will come down to the success or failure of the kicker. For Cleveland that means being heavily reliant on second-year kicker, Cade York. As we sit today, that statement might sound like a scary proposition to many Browns fans.

All things considered, York had quite a rollercoaster of a rookie season. This time last year, York was being hailed as the best thing since Phil Dawson.

Then York hit a game-winning 58-yard field goal in the season opener and many were getting his measurements for his gold jacket. But then the season played out and York experienced massive rookie growing pains.

York made 24 of his 32 field goal attempts in 2022. However, it wasn't the number of missed kicks as much as it was how many of his attempts had a less than zero percent chance when the ball left his foot that is the reason for massive concern.

The fact that the Browns used a draft pick on York will buy him extra time to get the train back on the tracks. But if York fails to inspire confidence during training camp the Browns will need to have a contingency plan in place. Given how all-in they are in 2023, they can not let the fact that they used draft capital on a kicker cost them games.