3 Changes the Cleveland Browns need to make on offense

• How to use the RBs

• Play calling needs a tune-up (or overhaul)

• James Hudson can't be worse. Can he?

Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs
Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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It’s not very often in the NFL that your offense gives up more points than your defense, but the Cleveland Browns did exactly that on Monday Night Football last week.

Not only did this team take on a painful loss, but they also lost their star running back Nick Chubb, who suffered a serious knee injury and will begin his road to recovery to attempt to be ready for the 2024 season. 

The defense continues to be elite, and even though the Steelers aren’t thought of as having a high-powered offense, the unit gave the Browns a chance to win even with Deshaun Watson and company being so bad. 

Things won’t get any easier next week as the Tennessee Titans are known for their defense and tough man coverage. Here are three changes that must happen if the Browns want to be successful. 

3. Better Running Back Utilization

With Kareem Hunt officially back in the mix, the Browns must figure out how to properly utilize the run game and not be completely predictable. 

Far too many times last week, Kevin Stefanski would bring in three tight ends and an extra lineman which allowed the Steelers to tee off on the run. Luckily, they over-pursued a few times and Jerome Ford and Chubb broke big ones, but if I know the play coming from sitting on my couch, the opposing defensive coordinator is likely in the loop as well. 

The Browns press is stressing that Ford will remain the lead back with Hunt complimenting, but this will be as close to a 50/50 role as we’ve seen in the NFL. 

Stefanski can’t give up on the run, but he also can’t tip his cap on every play.