3 Cleveland Browns on the chopping block following offensive changes

With a new offensive coordinator joining the Cleveland Browns soon, you can likely expect these changes on offense.

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Cleveland Browns Player No. 1 – Wyatt Teller

I know this next player will be an unpopular opinion, but the film doesn’t like it anymore. As much as we love to watch Wyatt Teller block in the open field for Nick Chubb, I’m tired of watching average defensive tackles swim-move him and put instant pressure on the quarterback.

Not only will we likely see the zone running scheme slow down which takes away the need for extremely athletic guards, but the new offense will require more time in the pocket. There's no doubt that Watson is a quarterback who takes his time reading the defense, but that has led to a ton of big plays over the years.

Teller has a large cap hit in 2024 and is a guy who signed an extension from Berry. Even though that will make this harder, I think he still has a decent trade value or could also be a post-June 1 cut candidate as well. 

This offensive line has a ton of money invested into it, and pass protection was one of the biggest issues for this team that was exposed in a big way vs. the Texans in the playoffs. Getting all three tackles healthy and finding a way to move on from Teller for someone better in pass protection would be a major upgrade for this team in 2024. 

Even though Teller has cleared a lot of holes for Chubb to run through, the new style of offense will open even bigger holes with the threat of Watson throwing the ball all over the field.

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