3 Cleveland Browns who could quickly lose playing time in 2023

As the season hits full force these three Cleveland Browns could quickly lose their starting spots.
Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles
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No. 2: Jordan Elliott, DT

To be honest, I have no idea how Jordan Elliott is still listed as the second defensive tackle on this roster. Not only do I believe that Shelby Harris will quickly take over that position, but Elliott will also be fighting off the rookie, Siaki Ika by the end of the season to even see the field.

Do I think that Ika is going to be some NFL star? No, but I have seen enough of Elliott to know that he doesn’t have a ton to offer this team. Harris can step in as the pass rusher, and Ika has the traits to become the big run stuffer this team has needed all while Dalvin Tomlinson holds down the fort as one of the better defensive tackles in the league.

Let’s not forget that Maurice Hurst finally appears to be healthy and looks like a stud in his snaps during the preseason. The ceiling for this guy is untapped if he can find a way to stay healthy. 

For too long defensive tackle has been a major weakness for the Browns, and finally, Berry did some major overhaul to get this thing right. Elliott did the right thing by restructuring just to make sure that he made the final roster, but there is no way he will hold on to his starting spot for the entire season.