3 Cleveland Browns who have been disappointments through first 4 weeks

• The big NT has yet to make an appearance

• Cleveland Browns wanted a new deep threat, and he hasn't been that

• Offseason trade has yet to truly pay off

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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When the NFL schedule was announced for the 2023 season, a Week 5 bye felt ridiculous for the Cleveland Browns. But now that we’re heading into the week off, it’s proven to be a blessing in disguise.

Cleveland is currently 2-2 and just had their worst loss of the year. They were thoroughly outplayed by the Baltimore Ravens and one of the biggest concerns was how Dorian Thompson-Robinson fared in relief of Deshaun Watson.

It’s safe to assume DTR will get better with more reps but it’s also true that Watson gives them a much better chance to win. That’s why this week off is so vital, since it means he can rest his shoulder for another week and hopefully make it to Week 6.

In addition to Watson being injured, Myles Garrett was seen in a walking boot after the game. He says he will be able to go against San Francisco but who knows what the status would be in Week 5 if they were playing.

So as the team rests up and tries to regroup, we also have some time to look back at the first four weeks. That’s what we do here as we identify the three biggest disappointments heading into the bye.

3. Marquise Goodwin, Wide Receiver

Kevin Stefanski loves a wideout who can stretch the field. That’s why he constantly tried to get Anthony Schwartz involved in the game plan, but it never worked.

This year, they tried a new approach as they brought in veteran Marquise Goodwin. He missed most of the offseason with blood clots but Goodwin didn’t need the reps. We have all seen what he can do, which is take the top off a defense. Sadly, however, that’s not been the case in Cleveland.

No one expected him to be a No. 1 or even a No. 2 threat but they also didn’t think he would be heading into Week 5 with one reception for zero yards and one rush for one yard. To be fair to him, he was open twice in Week 1 and Deshaun Watson simply missed.

There’s still time for him to make an impact but as of now, this move has been a bit of a let down.