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Cleveland Browns Rookie Minicamp
Cleveland Browns Rookie Minicamp / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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Cleveland Browns Player No. 1: Martin Emerson

A player that had a huge role for the Cleveland Browns in 2022 but could see fewer snaps in 2023 is Martin Emerson. The phenomenal rookie stepped up in a huge way with injuries last season, but to begin the year Greg Newsome and Denzel Ward will likely be the starting corners.

There's no doubt that Emerson will be the nickel corner and see a good amount of snaps, but if he continues to develop and improve from last season, there is a real chance that he pushed Newsome down the depth chart.

Remember earlier this offseason when there were rumors that Newsome wanted out of Cleveland? Are you trying to tell me he doesn’t know that this kid Emerson is extremely talented?

Emerson doesn’t have elite athleticism, but he is extremely long and uses his leverage well. He must get better as a tackler to stay on the field, but at least he isn’t afraid of contact which is a great start.

I’m thrilled to have someone as talented as Emerson in the role of the nickel corner but don’t be surprised if that changes quickly. Emerson plays with heart and Schwartz may quickly fall in love with that. 

The good news is a little competition never hurt a roster. Emerson playing well may bring out the best in others.

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