3 Cleveland Browns with the most to lose in 2023

There will be a lot of pressure on these 3 Cleveland Browns players in 2023, as they have a lot to lose.

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As we start the month of July, Cleveland Browns football continues to inch closer and closer. I forget each year how desperate I get for football to begin, but man am I ready for the fall.

This is the first offseason where Andrew Berry didn’t have complete flexibility to do what he wanted. He’s as good as any at manipulating the cap, but the bottom line is the Browns currently have a good number of expensive players that do limit moves.

But, for the first time in what feels like a decade, the free agency market wasn't nearly as hot and there were some strong value signings that have made this roster substantially better heading into 2023.

Even though it feels like once again this team is ready to win now, let’s look at the three players who have the most to lose in the 2023 season.

Cleveland Browns with most to lose No. 3: Jedrick Wills

One of the bigger disappointments over the last three seasons has been Jedrick Wills, the former No. 10 overall pick who was brought in to protect the quarterback’s blindside. 

And even though the Browns picked up his fifth-year option, 2023 appears to be his make-it-or-break-it season. We saw last year with Baker Mayfield, even though Berry picked up the fully guaranteed fifth year, he won’t be afraid to move on if he must. 

Wills has been hampered by injuries, which is why I wasn’t shocked the option was picked up. But, three years of injuries is starting to build a trend that Wills may be a guy that can’t get healthy.

He has always been a fantastic run blocker but struggles with speed on the edge which has become the bread and butter of NFL defensive ends. 

Wills needs to focus on quickness and depth in his pass sets and giving full effort on every single play. Far too many times you’ll see a replay and Wills is just standing around once he gets beat vs. trying to get back into position. 

Let’s hope Wills turns it around in 2023, the longevity of his career could depend on it.