3 Cleveland Browns who still may disappoint during the 2023 season

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Cleveland Browns Disappointment No. 1 – Deshaun Watson

Let me start this paragraph again by saying, I don’t think the trade for Watson was a bad move by the Cleveland Browns. In this league, you must have an elite quarterback to compete for a Super Bowl, and Berry went and got exactly that.

For as much grief as the Haslams get as bad owners, they have opened up the checkbook and done everything possible to help Berry manipulate the salary cap and get this roster extremely competitive on paper.

And while there is no doubt that the Browns are significantly better at wide receiver for Watson, this offensive line is still going to be the same as last year.  Part of the reason Watson was so good in Houston was the plays he made with his feet, but he didn’t even have a chance last offseason.

This offensive line is the most frustrating position on the team for me as there is so much praise for how good they are, yet not a single one of them are fantastic in pass protection. 

Elijah Moore and Cedric Tillman should be assets paired with Amari Cooper, Donovan Peoples-Jones, and Njoku, but if you don’t have time to make a read, it’s really tough to be successful. 

People were frustrated with Watson for not being the same guy as he was in Houston, but the truth is he had no time. If Bill Callahan doesn’t get this group in ship shape by the start of the season, you could see another season of struggles for Watson which could leave this entire organization in limbo.

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